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Tornado - no match for the MDI Storm Pro door & frame systemStrong gusts of winds up to 70 miles per hour are not uncommon anywhere in the world, but sustained winds of that magnitude, or winds of higher speed, are generally associated with tornados, hurricanes, and tropical storms. 


Damage can be caused by flying debris (referred to as windborne missiles). If wind speeds are high enough, missiles can be thrown at a building with enough force to penetrate windows, walls, or the roof. 

StormPro361 - Single Swing by MDI

Wind hazard maps have been developed for today's model building codes. 


An object such as a 2” x 4” wood stud weighing 15 pounds, when carried by a 250-mph wind, can have a horizontal speed of 100 mph and impact with enough force to penetrate most common building materials used today. 


The StormPro®361 was developed to resist missile penetration for use in buildings designed as shelters to protect occupants from injury.


Applications for Storm Pro:

  • Community Shelters
  • Storm Shelters
  • Disaster and Tornado Shelters
  • School SheltersStormPro361 - Pair Swing by MDI
  • School "Safe" Rooms
  • Residential "Safe" rooms

Look for the StormPro® 361 label. 


Look for the StormPro®361 label. 

Doors and frames that have been tested and approved for use in accordance with F.E.M.A. Guidelines are not required to bear a label indicating there approval. Metropolitan insures the label is affixed to certify that the door you are using has been tested and approved.


This test is designed to simulate the impact of air-borne debris from a Class 5 Tornado with wind speeds of 250 mph. Most commonly used building materials, including block walls, fail this impact.


Metropolitan Door pointer SEE THE TEST VIDEO

"Test Video"  1.8 MB 


StormPro361 Inside - Single Swing by MDIDOOR DETAILS:

  • 3'0" x 7'0"

  • Heavy-duty 14 gage galvanized steel construction

  • Reinforced with 12 gage channels

  • Welded edge seams

  • Welded flush top and bottom channels

  • 2# Density foamed-in-place polyurethane core

  • UL Fire Label:

    •     May be fire rated up to and including 3 hours in 
          accordance with UL10B



  • 5 3/4" depth heavy-duty 14 gage galvanized steel constructionStormPro361 Inside - Pair Swing by MDI

  • Reinforced for hardware application

  • Supplied with required wall anchors



  • 3- heavy weight hinges

  • Mortise panic device with 3-point latching or optional 4th point

  • Reinforced for Closer application



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