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  • Non-Fire Rated Applications
  • Standard Sizes Only

Kalamein doors have been discontinued by MDI.  They are no longer produced or sold by Metropolitan Door.  They cannot be used for a fire rated opening* and do not work well for exterior applications.  As an alternate, we offer our HM door line of product which is a better product, less expensive and can be custom manufacturered to meet stringent specifications.


* NFPA 80 states fire doors shall bear the mark of a nationally recognized test lab; Intertek (or Warnock Hersey; “WHI”) and UL are nationally recognized test labs. Additionally the building code states that the Local Authority Having Jurisdiction (“AHJ”) rules in the case of fire doors and further the AHJ is not an insurance company, but the local building department. Any door bearing just a “fire door” label cannot be considered to have a fire rating unless it bears the WHI or UL label. Moreover, any hardware used on a fire rated door must also be WHI or UL listed. Thus, the Kalamein doors which do not bear a mark by a nationally recognized test lab such as Intertek or UL would not be recognized as a fire rated door by the AHJ.


Standard Construction

Solid Core Construction

Section of Kalamein Door: "A"


Wood cores shall be fabrication of kiln dry, clear white pine.  Cores shall be free from knots, shakes and other defects.  Stiles shall be unbroken and will extend the full height of the door.

All stiles shall be drawn through steel dies to ensure a tight contact of metal to the wood.  Seams shall be construction of "lockseam" construction.

Cores will be completely covered with 24 gauge galvanneal steel.

Preparation of hardware can either be done in Metropolitan's fabrication shop provide we are supplied with the necessary template information or hardware preps can be performed at the jobsite by the contractor or installers.

Metropolitan Door Industries recommends that all our steel doors/frames are finished painted (by others) with an "oil-based" finish paint.


Kalamein doors are not accepted for use in fire rated openings.  Kalamein doors are best suited for "door only" replacements in non-rated applications where a door is needed in a "rush" situation.  Only standard sizes are available in Kalamein doors.


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